Five Healthy Lunch Hacks For The Whole Week

With a little planning beforehand on the weekend, you can get healthy meals all the week.

Tips and Tricks

  • Your slow cooker is your best friend. Try using a slow cooker with everything you need to make. It will give you lesser messy counter and a quick and easy meal.
  • Portion proper amounts for each recipe. Try using measuring cups for the portion size. If you do not use portion sizes, it is quite possible that you end up making more than required. This will not only lead to eating more and taking up more calories but also you will waste the food. Both ways this Is not a good idea.
  • You can make one basic meal and try and use it with other meals. For example, you can cook chicken or mince once in a large amount, freeze it and use it for making pasta and other things that have that minced as the main ingredient.

The following are some of the recipes that you can make and store for the whole week.

1. Roast whole chicken

Take a whole chicken and roast it in one go. This will not only save time but will also save money and effort. Once the chicken is roasted, you can use different parts during the week. You can make chicken and vegetable pasta, chicken salad, chop vegetables and serve it with chicken and bread. So there are endless ways in which you can use the roasted chicken.

2. Roast vegetables in the oven

Cut the vegetables you want to use in a uniform pattern so that they are cooked in a nice manner. Use some olive oil in the bowl, and put them in the oven. Roast the vegetables so that they turn a little brown on the outside but remain tender and easy to eat from the inside. You can then take them out and use it in a variety of ways. You can toss them with your favorite seasoning or use them with Bbq sauce. Eat the way you like it.

3. Make hummus at home

Hummus is a rich source of protein, folic acid, manganese, copper, iron, and phosphorus. Of course, you won’t like to eat meat like things all the week, so it will be quite convenient if you make hummus once and use it in a variety of ways. For example, spread hummus on bread, add some freshly chopped vegetables and grab it like a wrap.

4. Stir-Fried Veggies & Protein

This is one of the easiest and the most economical ways to go about the week that too in a healthy manner. All you need to do is to chop or grate some fresh vegetables with some slices of deli meat. Use your favorite seasoning and stir fry. In the end, you will get a colorful dish with lots of nutrients. You can also add jalapenos, cornstarch, and gingers for taste. Even if you want to reheat the meal, it will give a fresh look, and you can also alter the spices and sauces when you reheat. Enjoy a different flavor each time.

5. Make a wrap

The wrap is the easiest to make and easiest to eat. When you purchase wrap from a food chain, it is all loaded with different kinds of sauces and other ingredients. Do not worry you can get all these at home and with your own taste preferences. You can grate or slice the vegetables beforehand and keep them in a plastic bag. You can also keep meat related items in a separate plastic bag. When you need to make a wrap just take these out on a pita bread, and there you go. You can also add, mayonnaise or ketchup or cheese to give it a yummy and different taste.


How To Get A Fast Day-To-Night Makeup Transition?

Ever face that situation where you’re stuck at work, but you need to rush to a night party right away? This is every girl’s life story. At such times small makeup tricks and tips come in really handy. Night makeup has certain essentials which if you know then you won’t need more than 10 minutes to get ready for that late night glam party. This article is going to guide you through all the essential tips you should know for the fast day to night makeup transition.

First of all, you need to pack a bag with the essentials listed below;

  • Oil blotting sheets
  • Balm
  • Black eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Matter bronzer
  • Contour brush
  • Coconut oil
  • Dark lipstick

Checked all? Now you are just five small steps away from that perfect look.

#1 Shine control

After a whole day of work, sun, and pollution, even those who don’t have an oily skin will get some of it accumulated on their face. Putting makeup on that oily skin is the worst thing you can ever do because it will just clog your pores. What you really need are those oil blotting sheets, dab them on your face, and it will absorb all the oil. These sheets are better in a way that they don’t take off any of your makeup and leave behind a clean, matte skin.

#2 Brighten with balm

Wash your hands properly and pour some of the beauty balm on your palm. Now apply this to wherever you feel the skin needs some touchup. Even if you already have a foundation on, you can still put the balm over it and get a plain, glowing skin all over again.

#3 Touch up your eyes

You must have already put some eyeliner on for you day makeup, however, for the night you just need to build on that and make it more thick and prominent. This will give your eyes an instant brightening effect. Extend the liner a bit and give it a winged effect too if you want. Now, finish it off by applying lots of mascara but don’t clump it. That’s it; your eyes are all done!

#4 Quick contours

Contouring is not a must when it comes to day makeup, but for the night, you definitely need to do it even if just a little. It gives a good angle to your face and compliments the night time. Use that matte bronzer to give a little definition to your face, and you are all set to rock that Kardashian look. Apply this bronzer with an angled contour brush and define your jawline and check bone area carefully. Make sure you blend it all correctly because blending is what will give it a pro look.

#5 Go for the bold lips

To remove your current lip color, use coconut oil and some tissues to do that. Now apply the dark lip color that you have picked, preferably cherry or reddish brown, and you’re all set for the evening.

Know The Anti-Aging Secret Of Sally Field

It is very important for the celebrities to have outstanding looks in front of the camera and their fans.  On negligence of care, there are possibilities that celebrity loses the stardom and charm of being a celebrity which he/she has earned after a lot of efforts in the related industry. Sally Field is an American icon who is in her late 60s but because of her surprisingly stunning looks she looks no more than 35.  People are greatly surprised with her youthful appearance in the age of being a grandma. She has witnessed a lot of rumors about her younger looks. According to the rumors, she has got the plastic surgery and Botox treatments for maintaining her youthful skin and has spent millions of dollars on such treatment. In the beginning, Sally Field kept quiet and let the rumors to get the heat. Finally in an interview for her recent Romance Dramedy, she revealed the product which she has been using to get the youth like skin.

A give back to her fans

Sally field said that she has learned a lot in the industry and she wants to thank to her fans for giving her huge popularity.  She has been looking for the things which she could give back to her fans for their love. Hence, she disclosed the name of the great skin care products which she has been using to maintain her youthful skin. Sally Field anti aging wrinkle cream is the recommended skin care product by Dr. Oz who is a dermatologist. He had prepared a special formula for skin care after lots of years of research. His created formula is absolutely organic and herbal thus, there is no risk for using this skin product.

Product with all the natural ingredients

Dr. Oz has kept in mind the harmful effects of the chemical based skin care products while preparing the special formula for skin care. He has used the natural ingredients like vitamin B, Matrixyl 3000+ Complex and Argireline. All these natural ingredients are helpful in reducing the fine lines from the cellular level of the skin and erase the wrinkles. It also makes the skin brighten and tighten.

This skin care product has the capability to reach the inner layers of the skin for giving off the best results. Argireline when mixed with Matrixyl shows the amazing result on the skin by removing the dead cells layer from the skin. It also helps in repairing your skin and making it rejuvenated like a youth skin.  These ingredients also help in maintaining the right amount of moisture in the skin which boosts the formation of the new skin cells. Thus, formation of new skin on the face gives you the younger looks.

Skin care products easy to apply

The anti aging skin care cream which is used by Sally field is very easy to use. There are no efforts needed to mix and apply. You need to take the pea quantity of cream in your finger and put 8-10 dots all over your face. Gently, rub the cream on your face in the circular motion so that it spreads all over your face.